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Soldering Hydrogen


Ecological and safe working with the hydrogen flame The Aquaflame concept:
The Aquaflame welding equipment turns water into the inflammable detonating gas using electrolysis. In a container of stainless steel, hydrogen is produced at the cathode and nitrogen at the anode by means of low voltage and high current. These hydrogen and nitrogen molecules build the active detonating gas micture. Once the detonating gas is ignited, it reacts and delivers heat. This gas cannot be used in its original state for welding and soldering precious metals. It must be processed. In the first step, the gas quantity is regulated and the gas pressure is monitored at the same time. For processing, the gas passes through a double chamber system where the gas is dryed and then enriched with an alcohol borax micture. Now, the gas micture is ready for industrial use and it is now possible to weld polished parts without oxidation. By means of this hydrogen flame you can weld and solder precious metals like silver, gold, platinum and othe non ferrous metals.
Especially for soldering platinum temperatures of more that 1800°C are required. The hydrogen flame with its temperature of about 3000°C meets this requirements. Different sizes of flames from 5 to 250 mm are obtained by using different nozzles.

  Typ 2000 Typ 3200 Typ 3500
Voltage 230V 50/60Hz yes yes yes
Power consumption 0,8 KVA 1,08 KVA 1,2 KVA
Mains fuse
16 A 16 A 16 A
Gas production 160 ltr 200 ltr 230 ltr
Dimensions W x L x H mm 265x500x315 265x500x315 265x500x315
Weight 27 kg 40 kg 45 kg
Noise <40 dB < 40 dB < 40 dB
size of nozzle #19 - #26 #17 - #26 #16 - #26
- Illuminated level indicator
yes yes yes
- Soft start yes yes yes
- Multi terminal
yes yes yes
- platinium suitable
yes yes yes
- remote switch
yes yes yes
- Price net of tax 3.340,-- € 3.870,-- € 4.300,-- €

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